Sunday, September 12, 2010


It feels like everything is beginning this week!
I put myself on a schedule for school preparedness :) It's hard, but I know if I stick to it the transition in school will be that much easier :)
I cooked my first whole chicken today!! I got a pastured chicken from the farmer's market (2 lbs total :)) and boiled it!! It was quite fun, and I really like the little guy :)
We get our own internet connection wednesday! I'm super duper excited for that one!!
I also get to start yoga in the morning!! I don't think I'll get to go when school starts, but we'll see!! (the class ends at nine and my first class is 930 haha... cutting it too close i think)
I ALSO need to go to campus a couple times this week and practice my walk to class! eeek!


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