Saturday, August 21, 2010

Scrags the Shithead (aka- mouse adventures, part 2)

I just got through taking a leisurely shower and couldn't help but laugh aloud. You guessed it, lil guy was in there and I'd just showered with the mouse.

He was huddles in the corner behind a basket filled with bottles, etc, and I only noticed him when I was cleaning a spot off the door on my way out! So, after closing the door and getting myself dressed, I decided to go catch the little guy and let him outside. He wasn't soo disgusting in the daylight after all.

So I prepared myself with a trash can, the lid of a plastic container, a few kernels of Scrags' food, and, for kicks, my camera. I thought this wouldn't be too hard.. I'd sweetly coax him onto the lid, quickly cover him, but he'd forgive me as soon as I brought him outside and set him free! Foolproof.

Turns out, I had a few things wrong. Firstly, mousey doesn't care about Scrags' food and thus is zero percent lured onto the lid. Secondly, he's got a longgg tail and it'll be a tight sqeeze in the trash can. Finally, while he may be kinda cute huddled in the corner, when he starts running, clicking, and JUMPING he's definitely not so cute (and my sweet demeanor quickly evaporates).

So, after about 10 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to catch the guy, I've given it a rest. My poor parents are going to be put to work when they get here, but hopefully together we can pull it off. For now, he's chillin in my shower (thankfully I managed to keep him cornered in there! I did manage to snap a pic:

Gross? I'd say so. Cute? Maybe if he was in your shower.

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