Thursday, September 16, 2010


I got to realize, once more, just how lucky I am. I shot in Topanga Canyon, which is above Santa Monica in the hills. It reminded me so much of Bonny Doon near Santa Cruz! So here's the really great part, my photographer took us out to dinner afterward at an AMAZING restaurant called "The Old Place." (
It's super rustic and old-style cooking (cast iron skillets, cream, butter, the works) but using fresh, local, organic and foraged ingredients too! We had wild chantrelle mushrooms which are harvested right in Topanga, grilled artichoke in an AMAZING creamy sauce, and I had wild salmon and grilled veggies in a lemon white wine cream sauce that was absolutely incredible. I've never been HUGE on salmon but it was honestly soooo good! A little undone in the middle :) (apparently thats how I like my fish! mmm oh my)
Then the table shared a berry cobbler topped with homemade CINNAMON WHIPPED CREAM! Probably the greatest thing, ever. (Especially since I only had a bite so I won't feel sick :) took some extreme self-control though! :))

SOO it was a great end to a mostly relaxing day :) I've been REALLLLy missing my family lately... almost pathetically so. I hope I make good friends down here soon so I don't feel so alone! (even when I'm with other people.. ugh) I just know my family understands and loves me and I feel the same about them.... too many sheisty people down here to really trust all the strangers. Unfortunately, I feel too much, so if I decide to trust people until they prove me wrong I put myself in a very vulnerable position (which I remember well... haha.. makes friend-making complicated, but def not impossible :))
lovee and hugs and wishes of norcal happiness :)

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